Rewards from Referals Deposits

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How to Refer

How do I introduce my friends?

Introducing your friends is easy! We’ve got several ways to let your mates know about 9japredict.com .


Copy your url referral links you can send it as mail or share it on social media


Add your friends address and we’ll send them an email containing your code explaining 9japredict.com .

Twitter & Facebook

Log in to this site and you’ll see a Twitter button and a Facebook button appear on the right. Click on one of these and you can Tweet your code to all your followers or share your code with friends.

Face to face

Why not let your friends know about 9japredict the next time you see them. Log in and your code will appear in at the top of this page. Make a note of it, and then tell your friends.

What do my friends have to do?

Once your friends receive their invitation, all they have to do is join 9japredict using your unique referral code. Then if they meet the requirements below, we'll pay you both a bonus.

How do the bonuses work?

If you refer somebody to 9japredict, you have the potential to earn 10% Bonus you could earn up to N100,000 & above. See Terms and Conditions below.

What conditions apply to the bonuses?

Bonuses are awarded main account which must be wagered once through any 9japredict product before they can be withdrawn minimum odds of product is 1.25 .

Earn up to N500,000

Additional bonuses are available if the referred friend goes on to earn certain levels of 9japredict Points. Bonuses may be adjusted depending on currency..


Copy and Paste the HTML code (code in the box beside each image), to refer people, whether on Facebook or Twitter, in your Email or even in Forum and Blogs.
Start making money now.

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